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I am striving to become a better
servant of Allah (SwT). Hopefully a good muslim man will find his way to my
heart and we can have a relationship based on our love for Islam,
InShaaAllah. Whatever I write here it will not be enough, all what I can say
that I am not perfect and no one is perfect except Allah (SwT), but i am
trying to be a good muslima inShaaAllah. Ameen. 

I am looking for a life partner who is Muslim n who loves Islam, someone
with a great passion in life, nice akhlaq (or good morals), also has a good
sense of humor as a plus. Ideals…!?! Yup that doesn’t exist. But I hope to
find a man who I can respect and who respects me, a man with whom I can forge
a lasting and trusting partnership with. Someone who is sensitive,
interesting, warm, caring, truthful and compassionate. Someone who would like
to embark on a journey together of spiritual enlightenment and attaining
closeness to Allah (SwT). May Allah (SwT) keep us all on the right path, and
provides us a sincere and pious spouse in this life ‘n the hereafter.
Allahumma Ameen.

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